More on Seven’s Mode

More on Seven’s Mode

Hello back again!

Seven’s mode is different from Standard mode in verious ways, although the logic behind is exactly the same. As you know, in this mode, you are in charge of the time management, it totally depends on your speed. However, as always, being faster is appreciated, since the faster you are, the more change you will get to level up!

Speaking of which, as you know, here we have only 7 levels instead of hundreds! Yet, it requires you to play the same level over and over again in order to be able to gather enough coins to unlock the next level.

As you progress in the game, you will realize that you are facing more and more bubbles, even double screens. Therefore, gathering coins is not going to be piece of cake as at the beginning as you move on!

Finally, make sure after unlocking the very 7th level, you unlock the “Seven’s cup” too, which indicate in the global leaderboard that you have actually successfully completed the Seven’s Mode!