More on Custom Mode

More on Custom Mode

Hello again dear clever Monkeys!

Let’s talk about Custom Mode. Why did we even create such a mode?

The reason is simple actually, after playing with Monkey Bubbles, we believe that you might end up realizing that you could arrange the it for your brain in a better way. If you also feel like that, that’s where the custom mode comes into play!

Even though this mode’s level are same as Standard Mode, it has a few options which in fact Standard mode doesn’t have, giving up-to 20 seconds for both waiting and tapping to name one. So it is worth to get into the custom mode and start to create your own sets of levels!

It does not contain any of the challenges Standard Mode has yet but hold tight! That may change quite soon with the next update 😉 Along with a new option to share the sets you create with other players!